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Book Covers for Sci-Fi Series





Style & Content

  • Painting
  • Realism
  • Full-Color
  • Detailed Backgrounds
  • Mature Content
  • Digital OK
  • Natural Media OK

About the Project:

I'm looking for the right artist to paint up to 6 Sci-Fi Novel covers.

Your style should be realistic and detailed. I'm especially looking for artistic strength with women and robots.

Subject Matter

The first cover will be of the heroine, Sasha. It will be of her younger years, unsure of herself and guarded. More like a cyber-punk teenager. She'll be wearing a variety of high-tech gadgets. She might be doing something like walking down a busy street (with a futuristic city skyline behind her), or in a dark alley.

Background Art Details

The story is set in Los Angeles, the year 4077. The world has seen both an apolocypse and visitors from other worlds.

Submission Guidelines

Please provide at least 3 samples of your work that best exemplifies your ability to create this style and subject matter.

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